Rules and General Conditions

  1. Conditions of Payment.

                The client can reserve a property through internet, by phone or through an authorized agent. He will receive a written confirmation of the request within the shortest possible notice. Upon receipt of the written confirmation, the client should, within 3 working days, except if specified differently by the company, settle the deposit of 50% of the total amount due for the reservation. Done the payment and with the voucher, the client will receive the general conditions that before he must have read and understood from the publication in the different webs of renting advertisements and in the official website of Costa Blanca Now.


                The balance of 50% due will have to be paid 30 days before the starting date of the reservation and the remittance of the keys, except if a different agreement has been accepted and mentioned in the reservation voucher.

Payments have to be done by wire transfer. The company reserve itself the right to cancel the reservation if the client has not paid within the above mentioned period the balance due. In case the reservation is made for a period within 30 days, the client will have to settle the full amount within 3 working days, except if a different agreement has been accepted and mentioned in the reservation voucher

                The company is entitled to cancel the reservation without further notice if the amount has not been credited in time (3 working days). In such a case the client acknowledge and accepts that he will not be entitled to any claim against the company. The client will not have the right to the reimbursement of the deposits already paid.

The client will receive a reservation voucher as well as a receipt for the deposit paid. The voucher will specify all the important information and the conditions of the reservation. The voucher and the general conditions will have to be remitted signed to the person in charge of handling the keys to the client upon arrival. The voucher will be the proof of the payment of the reservation. Once done the payment of the balance of the total amount in the established period, the client will get another confirmation by email for the payment of this amount. The client will receive the invoice corresponding when his stay has finished.


  1. Price and Services

                The price for the stay is always for a week and corresponds to the dates indicated in the voucher of reservation and later in the invoice. The minimum stay is for 7 nights with the check-in and check-out in normally on Saturday and especially during the high season. The day of the check-in and the check-out can differ but only if negotiated in advance with the company and confirmed in writing by the later. All additional services requested by the client, such as cleaning (except the ones included in the price and confirmed in the reservation voucher), dry cleaning, additional beds, etc.… will be invoiced separately to the client. The client can also request an offer for food delivery and the like. Any stay tax, if applicable, that may be imposed by local authorities will be paid separately upon the arrival of the client. All extra fees will be mentioned in the reservation voucher. The price will include electricity, water, internet, parking (if confirmed in the reservation voucher) as well as all the services offered within the property during the stay.

General information provided for each municipality where the properties are located, such as public transport, shopping, nearby restaurants, sports centers, airport transport and the like as well as the description of the content in each property are updated annually. The company cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies or modification that may occur after the information is provided and before any update is done. These information are provided as such and are subject to modifications.

                All properties dispose of the various manuals for the equipment provided and also of an extinguisher.

                The use of the parking, private or collective, included in the price will incur the payment by the client of a deposit per key/remote control provided of 100€ specify in the voucher. This deposit will be reimbursed upon receipt by the company of the key/remote control in the same working conditions. Clients disposes of a contact number available 24/24 (+34 628 259 186) and also of an office to attend them. Upon arrival of the client, the location of the office will be provided and explained.

                In exceptional cases for certain properties, the company might accept small pets. This will be confirmed in writing and mentioned in the reservation voucher, and will incur an additional charge of EUR 100,- per pet.

  1. Check-in and Check-out.

Check-in time is between 4pm and 8pm and the check-out time must be done before 10am. The client needs to contact the company if he can’t respect this schedule in order to organize the check-in and check-out. This can incur additional charges between 30€ and 100€. The company cannot guarantee the remittance of the keys outside this time frame and should this be the case the company will not be held responsible for any costs the client may incur due to this situation (such as hotels, transport and the like….) The client will not be able to claim any compensation or reimbursement should this occur.

If the client is not able to arrive on the forecasted date or if the client decides to reduce the length of his stay, the company will not reimburse any unused portion of the stay to the client. The client formally renounces to any claim against the company should this be the case. If the client wants to extend his stay, he will have to notify immediately the company in order to find an agreement.


As a general rule, the keys are remitted at the location of the rented property. In exceptional cases, the keys can also be remitted in the office of the company. All these conditions will be mentioned in the reservation voucher.

  1. Cancellation of the contract by the client.

                 The client has the right to cancel his reservation subject to the following penalties:

– Up to 15 days prior to arrival: FREE CANCELLATION with refund of the total payment that has been made.

– 14 days or less before the arrival date: 100% of the total amount of the rent will be retained.

The cancellation will be deemed valid once received in writing either by Email sent to or by letter sent to CL W.A. Mozart, 1, 03581 L’Albir (Alicante) Spain. The date or receipt by the company of this notice will be used to calculate any penalty due.



5. Obligations of the client.

                The occupation of the property will be limited to the number of people mentioned in the reservation voucher, this includes infants and babies. The company can refuse the access to the property if the number of people is higher than the ones mentioned in the reservation voucher. If after the remittance of the keys or during the stay of the client, the company is made aware that the number of clients is superior to the one mentioned in the reservation voucher, the company can cancel the contract with immediate effect or request the payment of an additional charge for the exceeding number of persons. The client will not be entitled to any reimbursement should the contract be cancelled. The amount to be charged can be estimated between EUR 100,- and EUR 500,- depending on the property and the number of exceeding people.

                Upon remittance of the keys, as appropriate, both parties will sign an inventory list of all equipment, materials, goods and furniture provided. The clients will pay a deposit of guarantee for the house and keys, that amounts between EUR 300,- and EUR 500,- depending on the property. In case of any damages to the property or its content, in excess of the amount deposited, the client agrees to settle that difference once he receives the notice by the company.

                The client has the obligation to leave the premises in the same good conditions as when he entered there. This means that the property has been well maintained, all dishes washed and put back in place, all food removed from the fridge and all garbage removed from the property. This also will be valid though the final cleaning is included in the price. If the client doesn’t leave the house in the condition previously mentioned, the administration reserves the right to take any expense extra for cleaning from the deposit of guarantee from a minimum of 30€.

                The client cannot carry any activities that would disturb the neighbors or that are hazardous, dangerous, illegal or in conflict with the rules of the community. The client is not allowed to store any dangerous material, or inflammable, explosives and the like. The client is not entitled to carry any commercial activities within the property. He is not allowed to carry any work that may alter in any way the property.

                The noncompliance to these rules by the client or any of its guests, will entitle the company to cancel the contract without any right for compensation (indemnity) of whatever nature.

  1. Reclamations.

                Even if the company is controlling with care all its properties before the arrival of any client, it can occur that a defect is detected by the client at the arrival or during the stay, In the present case the client will have to notify as soon as possible to the company to solve it so soon is possible.

  1. Responsibilities of the company.

                In the unlikely event that the property presents major defects that does not allow the normal use of the property, the company will propose an alternate solution with a property offering similar characteristics and of a similar price as the rented property. In case that there is no such property available due to high season or that the client refuses all the offers made by the company, the client will be entitled to full refund of the amount paid or to a refund of the unused portion of the stay.

                In all cases, the client accepts that the economical responsibility of the company will be limited for moral and material damages that may have been incurred to the total amount that has been paid by the client to the company.

                The company,

The company CBN doesn’t have any responsibility about all the personal objects which the client has in the apartment.

  1. Renunciation.

                The client expressly renounce to any right to sub-lease, subrogate, transfer in any form and any way of the rented property.


  1. Penal clauses

                Should the client fail to return the keys and leave the property on the check-out date as agreed in the contract, the client will be obliged to pay a penal compensation (indemnity) equivalent to 3 times the daily rent for each week of illegal occupancy of the property until the date that the access to the property has been fully granted back to the company. The client will also be responsible for all legal fees such as lawyer’s fees, attorneys and the like that will have been engaged by the company to allow it to retake possession of the property.


  1. Litigation and jurisdiction.

The present general conditions are established in various languages amongst them Spanish. In case of divergence between this version and the Spanish version, the Spanish version will prevail.

At the time of reserving a property, the present conditions will form integral part of the contractual relationship between the client and the company. The present conditions will be ruled under Spanish laws and any conflict will be exclusively submit to the competence of the Spanish Courts where the property is located safe the possibility of the company to pursue the client in his country of residency.

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